Here in Kuusamo our lives are surrounded by nature. Sometimes global issues can seem distant in our winter wonderland. But we see the concrete effects of climate change in our own environment. We understand that actions are needed on a political, as well as a personal level. Living in the periphery, it might sometimes feel like we can’t make a difference on solving global challenges. That’s why we want to create a platform where the focus is on finding everyday solutions.

Kuusamo Summit 2020 is an international event for young people who want to make an impact on the earth’s viability and regional vitality. The event provides tools for making a difference and reflecting how our personal choices can support a more sustainable future and how we can learn to adapt to changes.


Kuusamo Summit 2020 is an international youth climate event, where we look for solutions to create a more sustainable future and learn to adapt to changes. The focus of the event is on making an impact with our personal choices. The programme has four themes:

  • food and drink
  • cosmetics
  • clothing
  • travel
Not just words,
but actions as well!

For whom

The event is especially aimed at ages 15–20. But no worries if you don’t fit in this bracket, you are still welcome.




October 10th, 2020