Kuusamo Summit Info


The aim of the Kuusamo Summit 2020 event is to promote the youth's opportunities for active participation and making an impact, to strengthen the sense of community and the awareness on climate change and how to fight it. The project is carried out by the 4H association with funding from European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and Koillismaa Leader.

Kuusamo Summit will be held online! Due to the ongoing corona virus pandemic, we have decided to change the form of our climate seminar in October. We will not be hosting the physical event in Kuusamo, and instead of a 3-day event, we are organising an intensive one-day seminar online, streamed on Saturday, October 10th 2020. The online seminar will feature thought-provoking presentations on food, cosmetics, fashion and travel. The seminar will provide tools for how to make an impact and consider your personal choices for a more sustainable future. Stay safe, stay online!